Flat-o Products, Inc. offers a very short version of a C-4 transmission. Shorty was designed for close coupling transmissions and rear ends. Shorty simply removes 12″ of length from the output shaft.

When using this kit, you must use a manual valve body in the transmission, since we have removed the governor. The output shaft is splined with the same splines as the power glide and 350 transmissions use.

Shorty Kit

Also available are splined couplers or greek couples as some people call them. These eliminate U joints, which can sometimes be a weak link in the drive train. There is also added safety for the driver as his legs are usually in close quarters with U joints and drive shafts.


Original length C-4 transmission 24 1/2”

The Shorty only 13 1/2” long

Must be used with a manual valve body.

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