5 Speed Flat-o

Flat-o Products builds an adapter and can put together a package to put S-10 5 speeds or T-5 Borg-Warner 5 speed transmissions behind all Flathead Ford motors 1932-1953. It will also work on V-8 60’s as well as V-12’s.

The T-5 from S-10 has turned out to be the transmission of choice when trying to put an overdrive manual transmission in early Fords. Because the T-5 has internal shift linkage that can’t be altered easily the T-5 linkage is set forward on the transmission so the shifter doesn’t come out under the seat.

If you are using an original mechanical, or cable drive speedometer you will want to use early T-5. If you are using electric gages you will want to use a later transmission with a pulse generator.

Because S-10’s use a smaller input spline we can supply you with a clutch disc (also pictured) for your application. The S10 clutch disk is for use with 14 spline transmissions.