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The Y-Block Kit

Flat-o Products, Inc. has finished the new Ford Y-Block Engine to Ford C-4 Automatic Transmission, Adapter Kit.
This Kit makes it possible to use a C-4 Ford Transmission with the Ford Y-Block series of motors 239, 272, 292, and 312. These engines were built from 1954 to 1962 and were used in both Ford and Mercury applications.
The Kit will include:
The Y-Block Kit
¨ Custom Bell Housing
¨ Flywheel
¨ Flywheel Spacer
¨ Pilot Bushing
¨ Special Starter Drive
¨ All the Nuts and Bolts Needed
¨ Instructions

Car Kit

Truck Kit
X - Member Kits for 55' - 57' T Birds will be available soon.

Truck Kit

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A Custom Fill Tube and Custom Kick Down System can also be purchased though Flat-o Products 
Y-Block Kit Instructions

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