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The Flat-o-Matic
Flat-o Products, Inc. now offers you the option of an Automatic Transmission for your Flathead powered street rods. A car the wives can easily drive....


Just think, no more:

¨ Pushing stiff clutches
¨ Shifting and grinding gears
¨ Listening to howling transmission gears
The kit contains all necessary parts and hardware to use a C-4 Automatic Transmission with your Flathead engine:
¨ All necessary bolts and washers
¨ Complete installation instructions
¨ Use original starter

¨ Flywheel (Balanced)
¨ Torque Convertor
¨ Bell Housing
¨ Pilot Bushing

Fits 1932-53 Ford & Mercury with Ford and Mercury Bell housing

Please call for latest pricing

Flat-o also carries a custom starter plate, available for 49'-53' motors.
 Starter Plate Available Soon

Flat-o-Matic Things To Remember

Flat-o-Matic Install Instructions

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