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X- Member Kits

Flat-o Products, Inc. offers X Member Kits for Ford and Mercury cars and trucks. These kits are available with split wishbones or no wishbone mounting.

Split wishbones do not require rebending of the front leaf spring mounts. We don’t just spread the wishbones out, we split them for ease of mounting, removal and installation of transmissions. These kits are easily installed. Pictured are the 35'-40' & 41'-48' Ford car kits.

Flat-o Products X- Member Kit 41'-48' includes:

X- Member Kit 41'-48'

¨ Transmission Crossmember  
¨ Center Plate  
¨ Rod Ends (for spliting wishbone)  
¨ Weld in Bungs  
¨ Instructions  

X - Member Kits for 55' - 57' T Birds will be available soon.
35'-40' Xmember Kit

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